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2. Structures Manual - Florida Department of Transportation
Implementation of Florida-I Beam Design Standards . weight of the forms, concrete, and construction load specified in Section 400 of . (Component; CY/LF ): .

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Proposed Florida I Beam
Florida I Beam (FIB) is the next generation . Beam Type Area (in2) Unit Weight ( kip/ft) Estimated Beam Cost ($/ft). FIB 36. 806.6 . 1620 LF @ $185 = $299800 .

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Bridge Inspection Manual: Example Comparison of Inventory ...
Use the total steel weight, which includes the diaphragms, as a uniform load per LF, distributed equally to one of the interior beams. Use the total slab quantity .

W Type I-beam search page
W DEPTH (inches) × WEIGHT PER UNIT LENGTH (pound force per foot). For Example: W27 × 161 is an I-Beam with a Depth of 27 inches and having a Nominal .

So you have two alternatives:

American Standard Beams
The standard method for specifying the dimension of a American Standard Beam is for example W 20 x 86, which is 20 inches deep with a weight of 86 lb/ft.

SAFETY FACTOR : 2.5:1. Load ratings are based on uniformly distributed loads. Cantilever not to exceed 30% of span or 3'. Beam Weight / LF : 6.5" = 3.52 lb, .

MPT 163 series
HPR 400 LF system, depending on the application. . These transponders have a Split Beam transducer. . Weight in air / water................................60 kg / 30 kg .$file/164084ad_mpt_163_Product_specific_lr.pdf?OpenElement

l f l l f l Manual of Steel Construction
l f l. Manual of Steel Construction. L d d R i. F. D i. 3 d Edi i. Load and Resistance Factor Design, 3rd Edition. Part 1 . parameters. Used for beam strength .

3290 Construction Guide final
LF 300/70. Hanger Fixing Details. 45mm Packer. Steel Beam. Pryda Face Mount . LOAD BEARING FOR HYNE I-BEAMS. Maximum. Cantilever. Hyne. I-Beam .

Design Criterions for the Dimensions of the Forebody of a Long ...
C^ gross—load coefficient (A /wb ) where. Lf length of forebody from t>ow to step, feet b maximum beam, feet. A gross load, pounds w specific weight of sea .

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Page 1 8-2. If the horizontal force P = S0lb. determine the Page 2 8 ...
The tractor has a weight of 4501) lb with center of . wheels B. while the front wheels at A are free to roll. lf . The beam is adjusted to the horizontal position by .

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Prelude® ML 15/16? Exposed Tee System
Cross Tee: Staked-on hook clip. Duty Classification. Intermediate or Heavy-duty. Main Beam Load Test Data. HANGER SPACING. MAIN. WEB. ASTM. Lbs./LF.

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