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The SCA in brief
Their standards of authenticity are high, and gaining membership requires a serious . Making medieval clothes is one of the more fun hobbies in the SCA, as is .

Medieval clothing | Renaissance costumes | Knight armor :: ArmStreet
ARMSTREET'S MEDIEVAL ARMOR and SCA ARMOR are well-known all over the world. We wear the armor made with our own hands. It is made by fighters .

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SCA Merchants' Row!
Archery supplies, including shafts and Bows for the traditional archer, courses available for those who wish to learn the art of Fletchimg and bowmaking. Sca .

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SCA Juried Merchants List: Clothing & Fabric
Syke's Sutlering: Elizabethan and 17th century ready-to-wear clothes . century medieval clothing, footwear and accessories made out of authentic fabrics from . on the list, or you feel that a merchant on the list doesn't live up to the list criteria.

How to Apply Trim on an SCA Garb |
Applying trim to SCA garb depends on a three factors: the precise time period and nationality for your . time period and nationality for your persona and the degree of authenticity you wish for your garb. . Again, this will require some research.

So you have two alternatives:

the SCA Demo - Garb, Costume, Arts and Science
There is only one requirement for participation in the SCA: wear an attempt at . Others will go to great effort to achieve an authentic as possible appearance .

Society for Creative Anachronism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international living history group . 5.1 Extent of royal influence; 5.2 Elevation to the peerage; 5.3 Authenticity . broken Corpora regulations or modern law while participating in SCA activities. . for attendance at an SCA event is "an attempt at pre-17th century clothing", .

Ideas: Historical Recreation: U.K. vs U.S.
Oct 11, 2010 . In contrast, I would expect an SCA feast, at least equally authentic, to be no . is that the U.K. groups have quite a high level of required physical authenticity. . Yes, the best of SCA clothing, food, armour and atmosphere is .

Newcomer's page - Barony of the Cleftlands
All SCA events require an attempt at pre-1600's european (or cultures that had . Generally refered to as Garb, SCA Costumes are intended to be real clothing.

Renaissance Clothing and Medieval Clothing from Dark Knight ...
One look at Dark Knight Armoury's clothing section will tell you that we have almost . put together an authentic and awesome looking medieval or renaissance look. . our medieval and renaissance clothing is perfectly suitable for SCA, LARP, .

Costuming - MiddleWiki
Nov 17, 2007 . It has been positive in that the "entry requirements" for new people are . Due to the growth of the SCA, selling fairly authentic historic clothing is .

Simple Viking Clothing for Women
Use leftover cloth for loops. What goes over the shoulders? In the SCA, wide straps of trim or fabric are common, but they aren't very authentic. A .

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A Guide to Bartholomew's SCA Armor
And what could be more authentic then a pair of . I wear a cup not because it's required (even .

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Re-enacting glossary
Stitch-Nazi: Someone thought to be obsessed with authenticity. . there are SCA members who are serious about their history -and who don't wear duct tape. . small event, usually a flat battle field and little or no living history scenes required.

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